The Vision of Chinese Alliance Church

With the grace of God, the small group of 10-20 people has become a steady growing church with Sunday services and three regular fellowships.  The Mandarin Fellowship, which focuses on Chinese students and young people, is held on Friday evenings.  The Cantonese Fellowship is on Tuesday mornings, targeting the Cantonese-speaking restaurant workers in Berlin.  They also have a Family Fellowship once a month for those Chinese families with children.
The vision of the Chinese Alliance Church in Berlin is to spread the Gospel, to build a healthy and pure church, and to bring local Chinese and Chinese families to God through Jesus Christ.  We pray that CAC can be a center to train Chinese Christians so that they can bring God’s great mission to China and other places of the world.

China in Berlin

In Aug 2004, the US C&MA mission – Chinese Church Association (USCCA) sent Rev. Calvin and Pearl Lai to plant a Chinese church in Berlin. In November, the Chinese Alliance Church was founded, as they started and held a small fellowship and Sunday service in their home.
After meeting regularly in two different rooms, CAC nows rents their own space for their ministry.  CAC is now led by Pastors Hoiling and John Chan from Hong Kong.  Rev Frank Fung, associated director of USCCA, acts as their advisory pastor.  They established a coworkers team in 2009, and now have 6 coworkers serving God and His church alongside the Chans.

Chinese Alliance